Drs. Angelo de Fatima and Luzia Valentina Modolo

Welcome to the webpage of the Network for the Development of Novel Urease Inhibitors (REDNIU)!

The REDNIU is a multidisciplinary group constituted of researchers from several Brazilian Institutions devoted to the search for new urease inhibitors of various interests. The team gathers Organic Synthetic Chemists, Biochemists, Plant Physiologists, Soil Microbiologists and experts in Soil Fertility and Molecular Modeling. The REDNIU efforts include the design, synthesis and evaluation of organic molecules with potential to inhibit ureases, hydrolase enzymes known to be pivotal factors for some diseases and nitrogen losses in agriculture field supplemented with urea. By using molecular modeling approaches, we have rationalized experimental data that allowed for predicting further chemical modifications to enhance the activity of the novel, synthesized urease inhibitors. In this sense, basic and applied sciences are combined to improve human being life quality by different means.

REDNIU Coordinators